Server Info

Server Rates:                                                                         


Exp: x10

Drop: x10

Adena: x10

Spoil: x8

SP: x10

Quest: x5


Additional Features:


Safe Enchant +4

Max Enchant +16

Event Weapons on PC bang

Mana /HP pots

Mana pots are for pve, so pvp is balanced and mages are not over powered.

Drop Search Database in ALT B.

Pre Made Knight/Warrior/Mage Buff Sets in ALT+B.

GM Shop up to A-Grade.

Mayor Towns/City's GK in ALT+B .

ALT+B Community Board.

PC Bang Points System.

PTS Like Drop Chance for Items/Adena

No Subclass Quest

Auto Learn Skills

Change Class Automatic prompt at 20/40/76

Class Master in all Towns

2H Buffs

5 Accounts Max Per IP

Adventures Guide NPC: AA exchange, Moirai Keys/Recipes for Glittering Medals champion mob drop

Hourly Glittering Medal Rewards.

Mobs 10 levels or more, higher than you will give no EXP.


Available Commands:



.offline (Offline Shop)

.sellbuff (Sell Buffs Offline)


Shift + Click View Mob Stats/Drops


.7rb (7raidboss info)

.grandboss (Grandboss Status)


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